Explore the history of the creation and development of the AR_Book project

The educational project AR_Book takes the path from a mobile application to the digitalization of all school education. A lot has been done, but our plans are impressive! Fasten your seat belts, we take off!
Content Market
history block
  • New feature: creating formulas by the teacher
  • Developed and adapted a new format of giveaways
  • Test functionality has been upgraded
  • We changed the play/pause buttons in experiments
  • The physical education break with Oleksandr Pedan has become cooler
  • Create a My School section in the teacher’s personal account (verification, the admin system, students/teachers, quotas)
  • We improved registration in the teacher’s personal account
  • Changed push notifications
  • We created the possibility of conducting polls
  • The function of joining a pupil in a class has launched
  • Registration in the mobile app has appeared
history block
  • The ability of the knowledge assessment after passing the experiment
  • Content Market
  • Process of the lesson
  • The knowledge base in the teacher’s personal account
  • Statistic
  • Study plan
  • Study plan template
  • The knowledge base of the admin system
  • Multilingualism in the teacher’s personal account
  • My School
  • Gamification — getting marks
  • Progress of viewing each experiment
  • Calculation of the level
  • My profile
  • Dashboard by classes
  • Dashboard by schools 
  • Phuket-Colorado integration
  • LTI protocol
  • Integration with LMS
  • My School. Class archive
history block
  • Virtual hints for AR
  • Optimization of UX tests for comfortable use
  • Referral system for teachers with using the phone book
  • Events
  • Forum
  • Rating of schools in public access
  • Messages in the teacher’s personal account
  • Reward system for teachers
  • In-depth material
  • Gamification for teachers
  • The teacher can create pupils in his personal account
  • Video in the app
  • Dashboard for parents
  • Systematic prizes for achievements
  • A pupil can share test results with parents
  • Parents’ account with recommendations that the child needs to be finalized
  • Rewards for pupils in the app
  • Timing feature, which will remind you about long-term use of the app, etc.
  • Mini-game: puzzles
  • Rating of pupils

We develop the very idea of education by developing the AR_Book project. For each child to be motivated and feels the importance of learning. And each teacher was able to work comfortably, analyze and help.
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AR_Book is the future of your school!

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